One of the best Jazz festivals

Synonymous with musical passion!

The Gothenburg International Jazz Festival is today one of the most important international jazz events. Every year, Gothenburg becomes the crossroads of Jazz, exposing its architectural heritage to the rest of the country and the world and welcoming lovers of jazz of all generations.

Jazz performances
Enjoy Jazz music

100% Jazz performances

You won’t be disappointed
Jazz lovers’ heaven

You won’t be disappointed

Jazz for every taste
For all generations

Jazz for every taste

A rich Jazz program

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Coming from afar, many spectators spend several days in Gothenburg and see some of the shows among the ten scheduled and also the events of the Off, the fair or exhibitions.

The Festival succeeds the original alliance of a popular public with the international creation. Gothenburg Jazz festival is also a whole spirit: the city is an open-air forum, where festival-goers talk about shows and share their experiences as spectators. For a week, everyone can have access to contemporary and lively music.

Shows with the giants of Music and jazz!

A unique festival in Sweden

Unique in Sweden, the Gothenburg International Jazz Festival is one of the most popular events in the region. It is a festival that focuses on the niche of jazz and is defined by its family clientele. It is a place of exchange between Swedish culture and other cultures of the world. The event is recognized for the festive atmosphere, sharing and respect that reigns, the quality of its artistic approach, its human dimension and the quality of the meetings that are made and moments that are their lives, as well as by the majestic environment in which it stands: the city of Gothenburg!

GÖTEBORG'S Jazz Festival

It's sad to announce that we have decided to close down the jazz festival. It has been a difficult decision to make after all those fun years, but the workload has become to heavy, and the economic situation is to uncertain. It is mainly thanks to dedicated volunteers and local orchestras, which has played for a modest compensation, which we have been able to carry twenty-five jazz festivals in Gothenburg. Thank you! The same, we want to say to a faithful audience! We know, after all, that we stop with twetny-five esteemed and successful festivals behind us.

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Annual Jazz festival

Annual Jazz festival

Produce, annually, a festival of Jazz in Sweden that is very festive, colorful and friendly.

Tourism in Sweden

Tourism in Sweden

Promote cultural tourism development in Gothenburg and in Sweden and hosting tourists.

Jazz community


Create a unifying event that promotes synergy between the various actors in the community.

Encourage the discovery of emerging Jazz artists

Join a party that starts in the morning and stops only when you think it's time to go to bed. Dance and sing in rhythm, enjoy a snack, linger on a five-course tasting menu and stroll through Gothenburg’s chic shops. Head to the House of the Jazz Festival for a concert in complete privacy or indulge in the atmosphere of an open-air concert. Sip a cappuccino on an open-air terrace and bite into a chocolate bun just minutes after it has been removed from the oven. Return to your hotel while humming…